Reading Coal Burning Stoves

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Established in 2003, Reading Stove Company features a full line of coal stoves all of which are manufactured in Pottsville, Pennsylvania.

Due to the rising costs of heating sources, our coal stoves provide the most economical alternative. They can be used as a main or supplemental heat source. Reading Stove Company uses the patented "Tri-Burner" Stoker System with a variable heat control. The stoves are available in contemporary or classic styles. Many require no electricity to operate, a real advantage if you lose power due to a savage, winter storm.

The Reading Stove Company's stoves are ergonomically designed and extremely easy to use. Simply add coal to the hopper every two to three days, set the variable temperature control and come back every 1-2 days to empty the ash pan. The stoves have an attractive contemporary design. You will feel even warmer as you view the fire through the large glass window on the Allegheny, Lehigh, Swatara, and CS-45 models.

Coal Stoves offer tremendous fuel cost savings - with the rising costs of conventional heating sources, coal has again become a very cost effective alternative energy source. Depending on the model, coal stoves can deliver up to 85,000 BTU's which is sufficient to heat a home of up to 1800 Sq. Ft. You can also use a coal stove to supplement your existing heating system and to reduce your heating costs. Because of the tremendous coal reserves available right here in America and the ever increasing risk that conventional sources of fuel could be interrupted at any time, using a coal stove as the primary or supplemental source of heat also gives you assurance that you will be able to heat your home at any price.

The modern coal stoker stoves are designed specifically to burn Anthracite coal cleanly and efficiently. Reading Stove has been manufacturing coal stoves in Pottsville, Pennsylvania, the heartland for coal production in the United States, since 2004. Their parent company, Reading Anthracite, is the largest producer of Anthracite coal in the world. They understand coal and coal is their heritage. Their newest stoves incorporate that understanding by using rugged cast iron construction, the newest secondary burn technology to burn coal more cleanly and efficiently than ever before. Reading Stove Company stoves produce steady, reliable, high output heat.

All the stoves are easy to install but should be installed by a competent, licensed installer with experience in installing coal burning stoves. John's Building Supply can provide the name of a licensed installer. We also carry Anthracite coal so you can count on a local supply as our long New England winter drags on.

So give us a call! We'd love to help you by answering any questions you have or, better still, drop in and see these incredible stoves for yourself.