Anthracite Coal in Pittsfield, MA

Johns Building Supply sells Cornwall Premium Anthracite Rice, Pea, Nut & Stove Coal individually in 40lb bags, or by the pallet which contains sixty 40lb bags (2400 lbs).

If you purchase two or more pallets, delivery in Berkshire County is free. It is not temperature or moisture sensitive and can be stored outdoors year round

Cornwall Coal is located in New York. Here is what they say about their company and their products:

“The United States has become overly dependent on foreign oil. Over the last several decades and more so recently, this has become all too apparent. As a country, we need to wean ourselves off this dependency and look for alternative fuel sources.

Clean burning anthracite coal is a viable heat source during this transition period. Burning coal in today’s appliances is a clean and efficient process. Our coal is an American fuel, employing American people which ultimately recirculates your money into our economy. That’s a carbon bill and stimulus package rolled into one!

Cornwall Coal Sales pledges to be an eco-friendly company. Due to its low sulfur content and high BTU output, anthracite coal is an environmentally sound fuel source. An era of waste, large spoil piles and un-reclaimed mine-torn land are over. The mine reclamation act of 1977 mandates and regulates that our country’s mine contractors restore mined land to its original or better state. Currently, as raw coal is removed and the stripping progresses along the vein, the stripped out area is reclaimed. Subsequently, this land has the potential for many uses, whether public or private.

Premium Anthracite
Premium means premium, not standard grade. Premium anthracite is a low ash (8-9%), high carbon (84-87%), long burning coal. Anthracite is not to be confused with bituminous coal (soft coal), a much less efficient coal burned by power plants. Anthracite contains more BTUs than any other comparable fuel source, such as wood pellets or firewood. Mined in the famous anthracite belt of Eastern Pennsylvania, our anthracite contains 13,700 BTUs per pound daily. 7-8% ash, 87-89% carbon, and is monitored daily.”

Cornwall Anthracite Coal