Hardscape Maintenance Sealers & Accessories

Whether you are working with a new space or doing maintenance on an existing space, John’s Building Supply has everything you need to get the job done. We are proud to partner with SRW Products, to be able to offer you over 100 products from polymeric sand, sealers, fabics, geogrid, and other accessories to complete your project. SRW Products has been supplying superior products since 1989.

Polymeric Sand

Polymeric sand is the preferred material that is used to fill paver joints. Used in walkways, patios, pool decks and even driveways. , walkways and with concrete pavers. Using sand and a mixture of polymers this product is easy to install and will keep your pavers from shifting over time and keeps the weeds out. Offered in two mix options, Pavermate Z3 for joints up to 2” and X-treme which is good for joints up to 4” and in a choice of colors to match up with your project.


Using the right adhesives are the key to long lasting hardscapes. SRW has created a diverse lineup of adhesives that lock quickly and hold strong for the long run. They can be used n many projects and applications including retaining walls, natural stone and veneers. Our selection of adhesives include:

Vertical Instant Lock is great for veneers, dry stack, masonry outdoor kitchens and more. Holds strong in under 5 seconds, is high temperature compactable and is VOC compliant

Superior Strength Solvent Based works on most landscaping and construction materials. Can be used in both interior and exterior applications and is VOC compliant.

Rapid-Set Polyurethane has the fastest set up time on the market today. Great for landscape and construction projects and can be used for both dry and damp surfaces.



SRW offers sealers for every surface.

Specialty Seal was developed for specific uses and can be applied to a variety of materials. Dual Guard is great for paver, wetcast, manufactured stone and most natural stone and offers penetrating protection along with a acrylic color enhancing finish. Retaining Wall X-treme is formulated for concrete retaining walls. Protects from salt, road spray and freeze/thaw. CG Counter Guard is designed for maximum protection against water, oils, grease, wine, coffee and more. Gives a great invisible natural finish.

Stone Seal offers three formulas for your natural stone protection. From a natural finish to a high gloss look these sealants will protect from salt, freeze/thaw and are perfect for high traffic areas.

Paver Seal is the industry standard when it comes to paver protection. Available for use with clay and concrete pavers, permeable pavers, great for both interior and exterior uses and available in both natural and high gloss finishes.

Wetcast Seal are designed for wetcast surfaces and offer both protection and enhancement to your project. Available in both a natural and high gloss finish and protects against salt, freeze/thaw damage and UV damage.

Concrete Seal are formulated to address situations where you are curing green concrete and protecting exposed aggregate and stamped concrete. Available in both natural finish and high gloss.

We also offer a wide variety of geotextile options for all of your projects. Whether your need is weed control, general landscaping, stabilization or separation along with drainage and filtration we have the materials to get it done. Stop in and talk to our pros to find the right product for your project.

We also carry Geogrid for your retaining wall projects. This material will add strength to your walls for longevity and provides excellent stress transfer. Comes in easy to handle rolls and is available in both uni-directional and bi-directional formulas for each need.

And to help you complete your projece we carry a full line up of accessories to make the job that more easy and quick.

  • Path Stabilizer
  • Mulch Stabilizer
  • Sprayers
  • Slit Foam Rollers
  • Stretch Wrap
  • Fabric Seaming Adhesive
  • Caulking Guns
  • Spikes
  • Staples
  • Pins
  • Paver Rail
  • Pin Pounders
  • Staple Setters

For all of your needs stop in to John’s Building Supply today and let our team get you moving in the right direction.