There are endless choices of pavers. From natural stone to engineered materials manufactured right here at Johns or from all the top brands, we can help you make the right choice. And we don’t stop there, we can guide you through every step toward your goal of a strong, beautiful and durable project that adds value and appeal to your home or business.

Whether you already know exactly what you want, or if you are just dreaming about a possible project, give us a call or stop in to talk it over. Bring us your ideas and some rough measurements and we can help you with:

Product Selection – Is this a patio, a walkway, a driveway? At Johns, we can help you select the right material for the job.
Aesthetics – Color, shape, patterns and materials all effect the beauty and long-term value of the project. We can show all the options in both our huge inventory and special orders from the worldwide market.
Durability – A commercial driveway demands very different specifications than a homeowner’s front walkway. We will make sure you know you are getting the right materials for your job.
Cost and Availability – We are always happy to estimate the cost of everything you need for your project. We’ll even estimate the job with a variety of materials, so that you can compare the cost of different choices.

Full Selection
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