concrete blockConcrete Block

Concrete block is one of the most useful and versatile building material around. Even the ancient Romans used it! The uses are endless: foundations, fireplaces, raised garden beds, steps, pavement for patios and walkways, shelves, under sheds and decks to keep the varmints out... you can even use them for boat ballast or to keep your truck's rear tires from spinning in the snow!

We're proud to have been making our own block at Johns for almost 70 years. Our block is known for its exceptional quality. Every block we make meets the high standards of the American Society of Testing and Materials. We believe that you won't find better block at a fairer price anywhere.

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Shapes and Sizes

Johns offers a full line of block, 1/2 block, chimney block, decorative split face block and many specialty blocks in a range of sizes. We also offer light weight block.

tips busterTip #6 - Buster Says: Start and stay on the level

We can show you how to use string lines to level your layout from the very beginning. And always start with the corners. It will save you time and frustration later on!