Masonry walls add beauty and value to your home... especially when they are built right. We can help with that! Johns has the product selection, supplies, tools and most importantly the know how to help make your project something to take pride in. "Walls" is a very broad term. On this page for homeowners, we won't cover structural walls for buildings. Most homeowners will need a professional mason and engineer for that kind of work. But here are a few of the common types of projects that you might be interested in tackling:

  • Retaining Walls
  • Decorative Landscape Walls
  • Decorative Home Walls
  • Sitting Walls
  • Garden Walls
  • Raised Beds

Solid Walls vs Veneers

A solid wall is just what it sounds like: A wall built entirely out of stone or engineered masonry product and held together with cement or mortar. Often a less expensive and easier method is to use veneers. A veneer is usually a thinly cut natural stone, brick or manufactured stone. It's applied with cement or mastic to conventionally built wall of wood, concrete block or brick. When it's done right, most people will think it is a solid wall.

tips jayTip #2 - Jay Says: Be Honest with Yourself!

Masonry work can be challenging! Stone is heavy. Some specialized tools and equipment may be needed. It can be very time-consuming. Come down to Johns to talk it over. If you want to give it a go on your own, we will back you up with advice and experience every step of the way. Or we can help you find a qualified professional that you could work with.

tips peggiTip #3 - Peggi Says: Price isn't everything!

Don't be fooled by big box prices, you may find out their product limitations when it's too late. At Johns, we offer a broad selection of top quality products, styles, textures and colors of wall systems. In fact, we are the licensed regional manufacturer for VERSA-LOK.

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In addition to VERSA-LOK, Johns offers a complete selection of wall products from other great manufacturers including:


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