Brick in Pittsfield, Massachusetts, and the Surrounding Areas

The distinctive and classic appearance of brick can transform a space for homeowners and business owners. Customers can find a great selection of brick at Johns Building Supply. Located in Pittsfield, MA, and serving surrounding areas, New York, and Vermont, we carry a variety of brick ranging in type, color, shape, and texture. With extensive knowledge of all our products, the experts at Johns Building Supply can help you select the right brick for your project. Learn more about our vast inventory.

Brick Options

Our Selection of Brick

At Johns Building Supply, we understand the importance of quality materials when it comes to any indoor or outdoor project. We are proud to offer our customers reliable brick products from some of the most trusted names in the industry, such as:


A leader in the brick industry since 1890, Glen-Gery is the brick manufacturer of choice for so many professional contractors and DIY homeowners. With a wide selection of different options and styles available, Glen-Gery can help clients create the space they dream of. Featured models available at Johns Building Supply include:


Stiles & Hart

Stiles & Hart is the only brick manufacturer in Massachusetts and is proud to carry that title. They take pleasure in producing some of the best building materials on the market. Johns Building Supply is pleased to offer clients their legendary Boston City Brick and Waterstruck models, helping clients create that unique look for their homes or commercial buildings.

Styles and Hart

Morin Brick

Using the same technique mastered in the 17th century, Morin Brick has perfected their production of Waterstruck brick. Known as some of the finest brick available, Morin Brick products are an excellent choice for any project that requires brick. Morin Brick samples available at Johns Building Supply include Waterstruck, Colonial, and Mohawk.

General Shale

Since beginning as a humble company located in East Tennessee, General Shale has developed into one of the industry’s leading brick manufacturers regarded for their quality products. They offer a wide variety of top desired styles for both homeowners and building contractors, including tumbled thin brick in numerous styles. Some of our most popular styles available at Johns Building Supply include:

Whitacre Greer

Known for clean lines, Whitacre Greer’s work can be seen at some of the most prestigious institutions in the country such as Notre Dame, the University of Connecticut, and Florida State University. Making a name in the industry with its fired-clay paving bricks, these products allow unique designs for both residential and commercial projects.


With a name that signifies innovation Belden has a long and storied history. Established in 1885 on the family farm, Belden has grown to be one of the major manufacturers, offering a continuously diverse line of bricks for both homeowners and commercial businesses.

The Belden Brick Company

Outfit Your Space with Quality Brick and Professional Guidance

At Johns Building Supply, our team members possess the necessary knowledge and expertise to help a client select the ideal brick for their projects. With so many options available, we will narrow down the search based on the client’s wants and needs. We also offer custom brick matching for repairs or addition of existing structures. Clients can bring a sample or a picture to us that they would like duplicated, and our experts will work to find the right product for you.

Help enhance the look of your home or business with quality brick products offered at Johns Building Supply. We provide our clients in Pittsfield, MA, and the surrounding areas with a great selection of brick products ranging in various colors, styles, and finishes. With an emphasis on quality, our inventory is comprised of trusted brand names that strive to produce top-of-the-line products. Fill out a form to get in contact with us and learn more about our available brick and upcoming workshops.