Outdoor Living Space in Pittsfield, Massachusetts, and the Surrounding Areas

A usable outdoor living space can provide great value and function to a home or business. John’s Ace Hardware helps homeowners and commercial business owners enhance their outdoor areas with a vast selection of equipment and supplies. Located in Pittsfield, MA, and serving surrounding areas including New York and Vermont, we have everything you need to turn your simple backyard into an outdoor retreat.

Our Selection of Outdoor Living Pieces

A living space is supposed to provide you with a secure area you can retreat to when trying to get away from life’s stresses. Many homeowners believe their living space stops at the door. Homeowners and business owners can extend their functional space outdoors by incorporating the outdoor living pieces offered at Johns Building Supply. Our selection of outdoor living essentials includes:

Outdoor Fireplaces & Fire Pits

A great place to start when creating your ideal outdoor space is incorporating a fireplace or fire pit. Outdoor fireplaces can act as a centerpiece for your outdoor area and allow you to build around it. At Johns Building Supply, we have the appropriate materials, tools, and expertise to help clients build their own outdoor fireplace. Our selection of materials features various colors, styles, and finishes, allowing you to correctly match the design of your home or business.


An outdoor grill is a staple in any backyard. It provides users the luxury of indulging in freshly grilled foods while taking in the beautiful outdoor scenery and fresh air. The inventory of outdoor grills offered at Johns Building Supply features various grill types from industry-leading brands, such as:

Outdoor Furniture

No outdoor living space can be complete without functional seating. We offer a great selection of outdoor seating arrangements for clients to choose from. Our inventory includes various colors and designs to accommodate a wide range of preferred styles. To browse our full collection of outdoor furniture:

Supplies and Accessories

Our stock of outdoor living pieces doesn’t just end at the essentials. In an effort to be your sole source for outdoor living, we provide everything a client would need to enhance their outdoor area, including supplies and accessories.

Reasons to Upgrade Your Outdoor Living Space

As a homeowner or business owner, you may be asking yourself if it’s worth it to upgrade your current outdoor area. To answer that, it is important to understand the benefits a functional outdoor living space can bring. The advantages of having a usable outdoor area include:

Enhanced Appeal

Opting to upgrade their outdoor living space gives a client the opportunity to improve the overall look of their home or business. With a variety of different aspects contributing to an outdoor area, clients get to select the design they want, creating a space that matches their preferred style and tastes.

More Space for Entertaining

If you are someone who enjoys having family and friends over to entertain, you will appreciate the additional entertaining space your upgraded outdoor environment will provide. When you choose to gather outside, you are no longer confined to the size of your home or living room. With a grill and seating arrangement from Johns Building Supply, you can elect to cook your meal and enjoy it with others all outdoors.

Health Benefits

It’s no secret that being outdoors can help improve our physical, mental, and emotional health. Creating a peaceful living environment outdoors can do wonders for how you feel by helping lower your stress levels.

Increase Property Value

Not only does an outdoor living area add style and character to a home or business, but it also adds usable square footage. Depending on how large and how extravagant you choose to make your space, you could be making a significant investment in your property. Should you ever choose to sell your home or business, a potential buyer may be willing to pay more for an established outdoor living space.

Outdoor Living
Outdoor Living
Outdoor Living

Outdoor Living Essentials at Johns Building Supply

Homeowners and business owners in Pittsfield, MA can find everything they need to upgrade their outdoor living space at Johns Building Supply. Our inventory of outdoor living pieces features grills, fireplaces, furniture, and more. Fill out a form to get in contact with us and learn more about our selection of outdoor living pieces and how Johns Building Supply can help you create your ideal outdoor oasis.