Bagged Concrete/Mortar

Bagged concrete can come in two forms.. Premixed, where you just add water, and field mix where you add your sand and water. John’s Building Supply is pleased to offer both blends to our customers.

Vita Crete has been an industry leader when it comes to Pre-mix concrete. Established in 1959, Vita Crete produces dry, preblended concrete, mortar and other cement mixes.

Vita Crete Logo
Vitacrete High Strength Concrete
High Strength Concrete Mix is a blend of Portland cement, graded sand, stone/gravel and other ingredients. Just add water. Especially designed for structural and load bearing applications, including footings, foundations, slabs and anchoring posts or supports. The compressive strength at 28 days is 5000 PSI. This mix also meets or exceeds the specifications of ASTM C387.

Type S Mortar Mix

Our Type S Mortar Mix is a top quality blend of fine mason sand and high strength masonry sand, portland cement and hydrated masonry lime. This product is an outstanding choice for building brick stone and masonry walls. This product can also be used as a stucco, scratch or base coat. Our Mortar Mix is designed to meet or exceed he specifications of ASTM C 387 and C 270. Mixes are also available in Type M, N, and O.

Type S Mortar Mix

Sand Grouting Mix

Our top quality mix of graded sand and portland cement is the perfect solution for use and an underlayment for worn spalled or damaged concrete surfaces where the maximum application is under 2 inches. Our mix is also a great bedding mix for laying slate, flagstone or brick walkways. Designed to meet or exceed the specifications of ASTM C 387.

Vita Crete Sand Mix

Mortar Sand

This is the right product to mix with mortars for both repair applications or new construction. Light beige in color and meets or exceeds the specifications of ASTM C-144.

Mortar Sand

Field Mix Cement

For those jobs that require a field mix, John’s Building Supply has partnered with the Lehigh Cement Company, an industry leader in bagged cement. Cement has been around for centuries and has evolved thru technology into complex material that brings strength and durability to the building industry. When mixed with water, sand and gravel or crushed stone, you get a rock hard product called concrete.

The Lehigh Cement company was founded in 1897 in Ormond Pennsylvania and has since grown to be one of the top providers of cement products in North America today. In 1977 Lehigh Cement was purchased by HeidelburgCement. In 2007 the company then purchased Hanson PLC and rebranded the company as Leghigh Hanson. They offer a wide selection of products for the masonry industry including:

Portland Cement

Designed to be stronger and more consistent than natural concrete, Lehigh Hansons Type I-II is a general purpose cement that does not requires special properties. Used widely in the construction of buildings, bridges, pavements and more.

Portland Cement

Masonry Cement

Lehigh Hanson is also known for producing masonry cement of the highest quality. Working with a blend of portland or blended cement, plasticizers, and an air entraining agent, and under a controlled manufacturing environment they produce a consistent product bag after bag. All of their masonry cements meet or exceed the specifications set by ASTM C91.
All of our concrete and cement comes bagged and can be special ordered for your project for pickup or for delivery by our team. Stop in today and talk to our team about your needs.