Concrete Color in Pittsfield, MA

Interstar's EasyStar Concrete Color Dispenser System
Old fashioned gray concrete may have been good enough for our grandfathers, but the demand for custom colors grows everyday. By far the best, cheapest and least labor intensive way to add rich and lasting color to concrete is with Interstar Granular pigments. Johns Building Supply is pleased to now offer Interstar’s EasyStar color system. This system creates thousands of colors to meet the demands of the fussiest customers. What’s more, the colors are the most vibrant pigments with the highest tinting strength on the market, they won’t fade and are consistent from batch to batch. Like full color printing, the system uses four basic pigments in precise formulas to produce thousands of colors. At the touch of a button, the computer controlled dispensers measure into clean, easy to handle bags, the quantity of pigments needed to color your batch. The bags disintegrate, eliminating the need to handle pigment on the jobsite making coloring concrete cleaner, safer and friendlier to the environment! Just toss the bag of pigment right into your mix. Colors can be ordered and picked up same day and if you’re not in the local area we can ship the colors to you!

EasyStar Colored Concrete Ideas

Ready Mix Kit
With 71 base colors to choose from that are in stock every day we have you covered.
Full Selection
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