Natural Stone

American Granite Summit Granite Blend 757The beauty, durability and character of natural stone is unsurpassed. Walls, walkways, steps, fireplaces, foundations, planters, ponds, fountains and backyard fire-pits are just a few of the ways you can beautify your home with natural stone. John's stocks many kinds of quarried stone and veneers, as well as field stone in different sizes, thicknesses, colors and textures. And if we don't stock exactly what you're looking for, just ask... chances are we can get it for you.

Whether you're a do-it-your-selfer or you're hiring a professional mason, you'll want to start at John's for a great selection, honest advice and one-stop shopping for most projects.

tips busterTip #7 - Buster Says: The more the merrier!

Because natural stone varies in size and shape, you'll need enough to choose from to make your project come out right. For example, you'll want your walkway to look the same from beginning to end, not with all the big stones at the beginning and all the little ones at the end! You'll need a good supply of stone to work with.

Click the images below for information and photos of our natural stone selection.